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Adirondack Blue (2015)

A collection of some of Roy's classic Adirondack songs, once again available on CD.

  1. Adirondack Blue
  2. The Backwoods At Daybreak
  3. Clinton County
  4. Adirondack Rain
  5. Adirondack Woman
  6. Bear Pond
  7. Night Visit
  8. Wild Mountain Flower
  9. Lady In The Garden
  10. Lullaby Your Mind
  11. Forever Wild
  12. Black Fly Song
  13. Redford Picnic Song
  14. Home Of My Heart
  15. Fall of 86
  16. These Mountains
  17. Backwoods Hoedown
  18. Wings To Carry Me Home

Adirondack Blue CD
Broken Heart Tattoo CD

Broken Heart Tattoo (2015)

  1. Said And Done
  2. Broken Heart Tattoo
  3. Wild Honey
  4. Amy's Birthday Song
  5. Farm Girl
  6. Anything Less Than Love
  7. Holding My Baby's Baby
  8. One More G
  9. Kathy's Kitchen
  10. Your Voice To God's Ear

Wayward Son (2011)

An introspective journey though love, hard times, hope and eternal truths. The music is magical; the songs are thoughtful, insightful and funny. If you listen closely, you will hear the story of a lifetime.

  1. Wayward Son
  2. A Woman's Touch
  3. Poster Child for Love
  4. Sucker For The Good Stuff
  5. The Possibilities
  6. Twice The Time
  7. Not For The Faint of Heart
  8. Courage To Love
  9. If I Can Just Breathe
  10. The Wolf The Hawk And The Waterfall

Wayward Son CD
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Pieces of the Past CD

Pieces of the Past (2011)

Take a 75-minute journey by train, by motorcycle and on foot through the mountains, meadows, and on the roads that run through the Adirondacks and across America. These 18 songs were specially chosen by Roy, pieced together from his CD collection.

  1. Johnny Loves Trains
  2. Here I Go Again
  3. Wild Mountain Flower
  4. As Real As It Gets
  5. Wings To Carry Me Home
  6. Adirondack Rain
  7. No Sad Stories Tonight
  8. Lookin' For America
  9. Two Wheel Hillbilly Outlaw
  10. Rainbow Man
  11. Adirondack Blue
  12. Lady Of The Lake
  13. Clinton County
  14. Forever Wild
  15. From Belfast To The Black Hills
  16. Cricket Song
  17. Ain't Love Something
  18. Roll Back Home To You

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Chronicles From The Love Shack (2009)

This CD tells the stories of lovers and outlaws, of peaceful moments at home and in the natural world, and of life on the open road. Sultry songs and sweet songs, soft rhythms and pulsating beats. Spend some time at the Love Shack, and listen to Roy as you have never heard him before. It is a trip you will always remember!

Love Shack CD
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Sky Rider CD
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Sky Rider (2008)

Dedicated to the memory of Charlie Plumadore. Through spoken word and songs, you can listen to many, many expressions of love from people who understand the value of a good friend. This is a beautiful tribute to a great man who touched so many during his time on earth. He's a sky rider now.

Adirondack Rain (2007)

Come on a very special musical journey through time and space. From past to present, from the mountains to the stars, from sunrise to moonrise, and across the seasons, the songs on this CD showcase the beauty, the strength, and the inspirational power of the Adirondacks.

Adirondack Rain CD Cover
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Random Thoughts on Life and Love Cover
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Random Thoughts on Life and Love (2006)

The haunting melodies and driving beats will live in your heart long after the music has stopped. Songs about love, hope, loneliness, beauty, and the joys of a winter day. Meadow Merry wrote and performs two original songs.

No Sad Stories Tonight (2005)

Heart-pumping music. Childhood delights. A story about the harsh realities of working in a prison. And through it all, belief in the lasting power of love.

No Sad Stories Tonight Cover
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Lady of the Lake Cover
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Lady of the Lake (2004)

Love songs, pure and simple. The perfect expression of the heartfelt emotions lovers everywhere have known but couldn't find the words to describe.

Roy Hurd Live! As Real As It Gets (2002)

Get to know the people and places that have touched and influenced Roy's life, vision, and dreams for himself and the world, with a few laughs guaranteed along the way.

Roy Hurd Live Cover

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Mountain Thunder Cover
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Mountain Thunder

Roy honors and celebrates the beauty and majesty of the Adirondack Mountains through these gentle and spiritual songs.

Forever Wild

A journey that starts and ends in the heart of the mountains. Experience Mother Nature and human nature in eye-opening ways.

Forever Wild Cover
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Backwoods at Daybreak Cover

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Backwoods at Daybreak

From the archives. The words and music are still timely, even after all these years!

Wolf Brother - $20

This special two-disc spoken-word set is dedicated to Ray Fadden, Wolf Clan of the Mohawk Nation.

Wolf Brother Cover
The Early Days Cover

The Early Days

A reminder to never stop giving thanks for the people and places in our lives that, together, have contributed to making us who we are.

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