August 20, 2006:
Welcome to
The 151st Redford Picnic!

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Those who were at the Redford Picnic this August had the chance to live a part of history. So many of Roy's songs are about this place and the people who live there. It all continues to be an integral part of Roy's life and an inspiration for his music. Listening to the songs in the heart of Redford made them come alive in very special ways, and forged a long-lasting connection between Roy, his home town, and all of the people who came to see him, from the lifelong residents to the ones who drove hundreds of miles to be part of this unforgettable experience!

The songs were wonderful, as always...
Redford 1 Redford 2 Redford 3 Redford 38 Redford 37
...and, as always, Roy found many opportunities to bond with his fans.
Redford 4 Redford 5 Redford 6

How we look from Roy's perspective!

Special guest performers!
Roy and Donnie 1
Roy and Donnie...
Roy and Donnie 2
...mixing it up...
Roy and Donnie 3
...with style!
Roy and Glenn
Glenn Gillespie and Roy...
DNA and apple pie!
Redford 10
And, as we all know,...
Redford 11
...Roy is a fool for apple pie!

Celebrities of song!
Carl, Roy and Charlie
Charlie (of "Looking For America") and Carl (of "Teardrops and Tattoos")
Bill Terry, Roy and Jason
Bill Terry (of "Bill Terry")
and son Jason
Roy and Elvis
Even Elvis knew
the Redford Picnic
was too good to miss!
Autographs and photographs!
Redford 34 Redford 34 Redford 35
Redford 20 Redford 21 Redford 25 Redford 26 Redford 28
Redford 29 Redford 30 Redford 31 Redford 32 Redford 33
Redford 22 Redford 23 Redford 23b Redford 24 Redford 27
The oldest merry-go-round in the Western hemisphere!
Merry-go-round 1
Memories of a child
from a little mountain town.
Merry-go-round 2
Life is just like a ride,
I guess...
Merry-go-round 3
...on that old
Merry-go-round 4
In memory of
Pete Maggy...
Merry-go-round 5
...who ran the tractor...
Merry-go-round 6
...his spirit still makes the merry-go-round
go round!
It is true: in the Adirondacks, if you don't like the weather, wait 15 minutes and it will change. Need proof? Check out the changing sky in these photos!

Special thanks to the man behind the camera!

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