July/August 2006 Concerts!
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Dancing Bears Lounge: August 25, 2006

Hilton 1 Dancing Bears sign Hilton 2

Hilton 3
Frank Orsini and Roy...
Hilton 4
...together again...
Hilton 5
...for a marathon performance (4 hours)!

Hilton 9
In the middle of the second set...
Hilton 10
...a wedding broke out...
Hilton 11
...and Roy sang a special song
for the bride and groom!

Hilton 6
Happy 33rd anniversary!
Hilton 7 Hilton 8 Hilton 12

Schroon Lake Folk Festival: August 13, 2006

Schroon Lake 1
The sky was a bright
Adirondack blue!
Schroon Lake 2 Schroon Lake 3 Schroon Lake 4 Schroon Lake 5

Schroon Lake 6
When the music rocks...
Schroon Lake dance
...you just gotta dance!
Schroon Lake 7 Schroon Lake 8 Schroon Lake pack up
That was a job well done!

Schroon Lake fans 1 Schroon Lake fans 2 Schroon Lake fans 3 Schroon Lake fans 4 Schroon Lake fans 5

Schroon Lake fans 6 Schroon Lake fans 7 Roy and Carl Heilman
Roy and Carl Heilman

Ausable Town Hall: July 29, 2006

Jay photo

Two Afternoon Concerts at the
Clinton County Fair: July 22, 2006

Clinton County Fair 1 Clinton County Fair 2 Clinton County Fair 3

Clinton County Fair 4 Clinton County Fair 5 Clinton County Fair 6 Clinton County Fair 7

Clinton County Fair 8 Clinton County Fair 9 Clinton County Fair 10

Clinton County Fair 11 Clinton County Fair 12 Clinton County Fair 13

Evening concert at the
Westelcom POPS Stage: July 22, 2006

Westelcom 1 Westelcom 2 Westelcom 3 Westelcom 4 Westelcom 5

Caffe Lena: July 15, 2006

Caffe Lena sign Roy at Caffe Lena 1
Frank Orsini, Meadow Merry and Roy...
Roy at Caffe Lena 2
Roy at Caffe Lena 3
...an unparalleled trio!

Roy and fans 6 Roy and fans 7 Roy and fans 8

Roy and fans 9 Roy and fans 10 Roy and fans 11 Roy and fans 12

Roy and fans 1 Roy and fans 2 Roy and fans 3 Roy and fans 4 Roy and fans 5

Meadow and Ray Meadow and fans Roy and Meadow
A special father/daughter moment.

Westport Marina: July 8, 2006

Marina sign Roy at Marina
A beautiful day for a concert
Roy and fan
The water and the music sparkled!

Frank Orsini 1
Frank Orsini...
Frank Orsini 2
...was awesome...
Frank Orsini 3
...as always!

Roy and owners Roy and fans 2 Roy and fans 3 Roy and fans 4 Roy and fans 5

Roy and baby
Roy's newest fan!

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Redford Picnic 2006

Carl and Charlie Roy's best friends, Carl (from Roy's song, "Teardrops and Tattoos") and Charlie (from Roy's song, "Looking For America") on their Harleys. Roy and Meadow Contribute to this page!
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