June/July 2007 Concerts!
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Chazy Old Home Days
July 28, 2007--Afternoon

Chazy 1
A hot start in the sun
Chazy 2
Chazy 3
A pensive moment
Chazy 4
Shade arrives...
Chazy 5
...in time for the third set...
Chazy 6
...and everyone's happy!
Chazy fans
Chazy 7 Chazy 8 Chazy 9

Peru Gazebo
July 28, 2007--Evening

Peru 1
20 minutes till showtime...
Super Roy saves the day
by plugging into
the only available source of electricity!

Peru 2
Another sunny beginning...
Peru 3
And a very cool hat!
Peru 4 Peru 5

Meeting some fans at half time!

Peru 6 Peru 7

Peru 8
The sun moves for set 2
and the audience is now visible!
Peru 9
Traffic-stopping music!
Peru 10 Peru 11 Frank rocks the gazebo!

Peru 12
Apple Orchard man
Roger Forrence
meets Apple Pie guy!
Peru 13
Some old friends...
Peru 14
...and some very special...
Peru 15
...young ones!

Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts
July 20, 2007

Blue Mountain 1
The songs...
Blue Mountain 2
Blue Mountain 3
Blue Mountain 4
And the...
Blue Mountain 5
Blue Mountain 6
...had the kids in stitches!
Blue Mountain 8
It was a night of mutual appreciation!

Clinton Community College
July 18, 2007

Clinton Community College 1 Clinton Community College 2 Clinton Community College 3 Clinton Community College 4 Clinton Community College 5
Clinton Community College 6 Clinton Community College 7 Clinton Community College 8
Clinton Community College 9
Some people listen...
Clinton Community College 10
...some move garbage cans...
Clinton Community College 11
...so some...
Clinton Community College 12
...can dance!
Clinton Community College 13
Ever wonder what we look like from Roy's perspective?
Clinton Community College 14
A great...
Clinton Community College 15
Clinton Community College 16
Clinton Community College 17
...and lots...
Clinton Community College 18
...and lots...
Clinton Community College 19
...and lots of friends!
Clinton Community College 17
Everyone loves "Adirondack Rain"...
Clinton Community College 20
...and Johnny still loves Roy!

Jay Village Green
July 14, 2007

Thanks to Valerie Shuknecht for these photos!

Jay 1
A beautiful setting...
Jay 2
A great performance...
Jay 3
...and no rain!

Jay 4 Jay 5 Jay 6

Jay 7
Soak in the landscape...
Jay 8
...Soak in the sound...
Jay 9
...but please, put the knitting down!
(It can get dangerous during the fast songs!)

Caffè Lena
July 13, 2007

Caffe Lena 1
The anticipation builds!
Caffe Lena 2
The cast...
Caffe Lena 3
...waiting confidently for the arrival of...
Caffe Lena 4
...the always on-time Frank Orsini!
Caffe Lena 5
It was another show...
Caffe Lena 6
...for the record books...
Caffe Lena 7
Caffe Lena 8

Caffe Lena 9
...great mandolin...
Caffe Lena 10
...great fiddling!

Caffe Lena 11
A tense moment--who will win the "Apple Pie" dilemma--Jim or Brittany?
Caffe Lena 12
Caffe Lena 13
...still thinking...
Caffe Lena 14
and..."Apple Pie" it is!

Caffe Lena 15
A parting shot...
Caffe Lena Kiss
...and a special father/daughter moment.
Caffe Lena 16
Good night everyone!

Kent Delord House/Rouse's Point
June 30-July 1, 2007

Kent Delord 1 Kent Delord 2 Kent Delord 3 Kent Delord 4

Kent Delord 5 Kent Delord 6 Kent Delord 7 Kent Delord 8

Old friends and new friends!

KentDelord 9 KentDelord 10 Kent Delord 11

Rouses Point KentDelord 12
Roy and Kristin, his "exterior decorator":
a happy reunion!

KentDelord 13
Guess who?

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