House Concerts

Roy and his guitar
Up Close and Personal,
Just For You!

Over the past few years, House Concerts have become very popular. House Concerts are a unique opportunity to experience a favorite performer, up close and personal, without musical amplification (this depends on the room and the audience size), or other artificial barriers between the performer and listener. They are a superior alternative to those noisy, crowded, hard-to-get-to venues. I could go on and educate you about how to put together, fund, and advertise a successful House Concert, but fortunately, there is a musician named TR Ritchie who actually has part of his website dedicated to educating people about House Concerts and every aspect of making them happen. Click here for the link to that part of his site.

I hope I can someday be a part of a concert in this type of setting with you.

If you would like more information, call me at 518-570-5153 or send me an e-mail.


Roy in studio

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