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January 2013
Hi folks. I know it has been such a long time since I have updated this journal. I guess to say I got sidetracked would be one more than slightly lame excuse. In spite of my lack of attention to my journal, I am glad to finally sit down and write to you all on this unusually warm January afternoon in my mountains.

All is well here. I am in the process of recording a new CD that I am 90% sure will be titled Broken Heart Tattoo. The 10 song CD will not be filled completely with songs of heartbreak, but will have a strong element of those emotions present. Besides Broken Heart Tattoo, there will be Let Your Heart Have Its Way, a song written on my trip to Nashville last Easter. In the song I mention old friends and new ones. The song was inspired by a stop I made in Charlottesville VA to visit my wonderful old friends Kathy and Vinnie Lombardi. Also on that visit I got to know Kathy and Vinnie’s beautiful daughter Grace and her husband Bob in a more open, connected way. I credit them with the new friends part of the first line, “Saw some old friends, found some new ones.” There’s a song titled Kathy’s Kitchen, an old song of mine inspired by Kathy Lombardi’s emotionally and physically warm kitchen in Saratoga Springs NY. I spent some heart healing times there with Kathy, Vinnie and friends, sitting around the big table where I swore Kathy was sitting all the time talking with us but suddenly the table would magically be filled with wonderful food only Kathy could cook. There's a remake of a song called Your Voice To God’s Ear that I wrote for the passing of my best friend Charlie. There is a song I wrote for one of Amy’s birthdays and one called Farm Girl, that so many of you asked me to record. One of my favorites on the CD is called Said And Done, a song about being a singer songwriter on the road doing the hard but righteous work of trying to be an original out where it’s all been said and done. I could go on and speak a bit about all ten songs, but want to have a few surprises.

As I wrote in the song I titled Winter Song, it is a long, long way to the breath of spring. But the days are getting longer, and snowshoeing yesterday with the warm sun on my face gave me the feeling that spring is gonna come and summer, my favorite season, will be here before I know it.

Speaking of summer, I have made a New Year’s resolution to ride my Harley more (there is a great story about that, thanks to my good friend Tom Wyand, that I will tell you in person if you remember to ask me), spend more time on my land in Redford (the home of my heart), get out on the water more in my kayak, and spend more time with old friends.

So, for now I will, as my Mohawk friends say, tie a knot in our time together. As I always say and feel, I am so thankful for you folks who come to my concerts, buy my CDs and support my songwriting music habit. I hope all is well in your world and that our paths cross in the not too distant future. Love to all from here in my mountains.


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