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February 2011
Wow folks. I canít believe that the last time I updated this journal was September 2009. What a year for us in 2010. As most of you know, we had a fire in Lake Clear that completely destroyed our home. It was seven months ago, and we are still reeling a bit from that. But we are doing very well, all in all. We are working on plans for rebuilding in the spring, and will be back out in Lake Clear, hopefully, before the snow comes next winter.

My beautiful daughter Meadow Merry got married in September. That was a wonderful event that filled my heart and made a wonderful new memory for us all. Her husband Ray is a great guy, and they are a beautiful couple.
Wedding photo

I had the great pleasure of performing at First Night in Saranac Lake, and to make it even cooler, Meadow Merry came up and performed with me for the evening. I love having her sing with me. Her sweet harmonies lift my songs to a new level.

One more proud family note: my nephew, Tully Kennedy, is in Januaryís issue of Bass Player magazine. He is an awesome musician, and I have had the honor and pleasure of having him perform on several of my recordings. Tully and his Nashville-based production company, New Voice Music, produced my Chronicles From The Love Shack CD.

Good things are beginning to happen on this musical front, too. I am currently working on a brand new recording, and hope to have it out for my summer concerts. Also, my good friend Mark Elliott is so kindly working on putting together another CD for me called Pieces of the Past that will have select songs from all my CDs to date.

I apologize for not having any physical CDs to sell at my performances at this point, but I lost my entire inventory in the fire. If you want my songs, my web gal extraordinaire Cathy Marczyk set up music players on the website where you can download single songs for 99 cents and whole CDs for $10.00.

Check out the schedule page for upcoming performances. It would be great to see you out at one of my concerts. This summer I am going to get to perform with my good friends Junior Barber and Tim Hartnett. That is going to be fun for all.

No other news for now. Hope all is well with everyone, and I hope our paths cross this summer. Be safe.


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