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Roy has created a variety of programs that are suitable for children of all ages. His workshops range from one day to one week, and include songwriting, storytelling, and Native American skill presentations, alone or in combination. The photos and program descriptions that follow provide a general idea of what these programs look and sound like, but each one is individually tailored to meet the needs of the group.

1. Walk on the Mountain
Roy's "Walk on the Mountain" storytelling/music program has been highly acclaimed as one of the most exciting, heart-opening, and entertaining arts in education programs out there. "Walk on the Mountain" is a whole-language presentation of earth-minded philosophies, woodland skills, and plain old mountain humor. Roy plants a seed of "Earth Morals" in the minds of his audience, encouraging students to experience the feelings and embrace the concepts of reverence and respect for the natural world.

A. MacArthur Barr Middle School
Nanuet, NY

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For the fourth year in a row, Roy has been asked back to this Rockland County middle school. The program changes from year to year and from grade to grade, and each year brings with it a special surprise. Students and teachers alike come away with a new appreciation for our beautiful planet.

Nanuet 5
A few...
Nanuet 6
Nanuet 7

Nanuet 8
followed by...
Nanuet 9
captivating stories!

Nanuet 10
The bow drill...
Nanuet 11
Nanuet 12
Nanuet 13
Nanuet 15

Nanuet 14
Students watch and wait...
Nanuet 16
It's getting smokier...
Nanuet 17
and smokier!
Nanuet 18
Gently wrapping the coal, and then...

Nanuet 19

Click here to see what this program looked like in a camp and two different school settings.

2. Rhyme Without Reason
Roy's "Rhyme Without Reason" songwriting workshop offers school children a firsthand experience in the songwriting process. In Roy's workshop, students learn about rhyme and structure. There is discussion about what inspiration is and what inspires them. They brainstorm concepts, choose a subject, and collectively find the words and lines that pave the way to the writing of their song - a song that is their own and expresses their thoughts and feelings. Upon completion, the song can be shared with the other students in the school in an assembly presentation. The song is burned onto a CD for the class to provide a memento of their successful songwriting efforts. This workshop is also offered to adults and is a great workshop for an aspiring songwriter to get insights into the music business: publishing, performing rights, pitching songs, how songs make money, and co-writing.

JEMS Songwriting Workshop, Upper Jay
June 30, 2006

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With a little help from Roy, a very special group of children, ages 6-14, worked together to write, rewrite, rehearse, and record a wonderfully funny song titled, "It All Makes Sense To Me." It was a truly collaborative effort, and everyone in the group contributed in a major way to the final product.

Some people were lucky enough to hear a live version of the song, sung by some of the original artists, at Roy's concert in Jay on July 29. Here is a behind-the-scenes peek at how it all came to be.

The creative process at work...hard work!

Songwriting 1 Songwriting 2 Songwriting 3
Songwriting 4 Songwriting 5 Songwriting 6 Songwriting 8
...but hard work can be fun...
Songwriting 7
...and produce great results!
Songwriting 9
Practice, practice, practice!
Songwriting 10
A pre-rehearsal group shot...
Songwriting 11
...followed by post-recording critique.
Songwriting 12

The stars approve...
Songwriting 13 Songwriting 14 Songwriting 15 Songwriting 16
Songwriting 17 Songwriting 18 Songwriting 19 Songwriting 20 Songwriting 21

...and celebrate a job well done!
Songwriting 22 Songwriting 23

If your curiosity has been piqued by all of this,
and you want to hear what these beautiful children have created,
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