From the recording Journey On

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The L Word (Listen With Your Heart)
Roy Hurd 3/15/2016

I know what you’re feelin’
I can see it in your eyes
It’s there in every burning kiss
Every wanting touch every whispered sigh
Just because I will not say the word
Doesn’t mean I don’t feel it too
That cautious word was well betrayed
Long before I ever held you

Don’t turn it on yourself
Think it’s something that you lack
We can’t expect one little word
To fix and heal every break and crack
But if it’s what you need to hear
As we lay here in the dark
Close your eyes reach for me
Listen with your heart

Judge me by my actions
Don’t judge me by my words
Where would you rather place your faith
In what you’ve seen or what you’ve heard
I’ve used that word so freely
In so many songs I’ve sung
I once believed that it could change the world
Now you won’t hear it roll off my tongue

Repeat Chorus: