1. Journey On

From the recording Journey On

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Journey On
Roy Hurd

I’ve been hurt I’ve been healed
I have trusted that the truth will be revealed
And I will always journey on

I’ve taken chances played it safe
I have tested and I’ve questioned my faith
And I will always journey on

Day by day mile after mile
Journey on journey on
Through the tear drops and the
Journey on

You’ll be tested you’ll be tried
There’ll be times when you will wanna run and hide
But always always journey on

I’ve broken hearts mine’s been broken
There are words I’ve said I wish I’d never spoken
But I will always journey on

I’ve been first I’ve been last
I have rescued my future from my past
And I will always journey on

Repeat Chorus: X2

Some say life never ends
They say that we just circle round again
If that’s true I will always journey on

Always always journey on


Roy Hurd – Vocals & Guitar
Tim Hartnett – Bass
Skip Smithson – Mandolin
Jim Schacher – Lead Guitar & Dobro
Jeff Rendinaro – Harmonica
Mark Elliott – Background Vocals
Produced, Recorded, Edited, Mixed & Mastered by Roy Hurd HurdSongs Studio Redford NY
(With special mention, and thanks to Mark Elliott, Skip Smithson & Tim Hartnett for their much appreciated input)
Cover Art and Graphics Shaun Heffernan & Amanda Palmer Oasis Design