1. Said And Done

From the recording Broken Heart Tattoo

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Said And Done
Roy Hurd

Full tank empty bladder
No talk radio too much chatter
Kevin Welch on the CD signing Andaman Sea
Hundred miles and I’ll see my baby
This rollin cage will drive you crazy
But we made our deal long ago
The songs the road and me

Hear the guitar strummin’
The steel belts hummin’
Caffeine’s poundin my heart like a drum
Gotta tell your own story
No guts no glory
It’s the only territory that’s worth a run
Tryin to be an original
Out here where it’s all been said and done

Another town another stage
Write it down turn the page
I get paid for drivin the music is free
Roll right through the crack of dawn
Sing another highway song
We’ve been lovers for so long
The songs the road and me

Repeat Chorus:

It’s a waste of time imitating someone else
All the best roads are those that lead us right back to ourselves

Repeat Chorus: