From the recording Broken Heart Tattoo

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Broken Heart Tattoo
Roy Hurd

Love has left her black and blue
It’s amazing what we can get use to
Some things get beneath the skin
And never get back out again
All that hurt just shows right through
Like a broken heart tattoo

She’s given up that search for love
Every road she ran got way too rough
How can you trust and feel safe
When people lie right to your face
That big old crack goes right straight through
That broken heart tattoo

Only love can heal
All that pain it has made you feel
Give you back that precious time you lost
When the whole world feels cold as stone
Remember you are not alone
There’s millions out there just like you
With a broken heart tattoo

I say hello to her every day
She forces a smile and turns away
I know when she looks at me
All she sees is the enemy
One more shade of blue
For that broken heart tattoo

Repeat Chorus:

One day she may let me in
With tenderness those wounds may mend
She’ll lean that she can lean on me
One day we may see
A cupid’s arrow rip right through
That broken heart tattoo