From the recording Broken Heart Tattoo

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Amy’s Birthday Song
Roy Hurd

It’s your birthday baby how does that feel
It’s a time for letting go it’s a time to grab the wheel
You know I’d roll any rocky ole road with you
Take my hand come on let’s dance
I don’t wanna miss any sweet chance
To hold you close and tell ya I love you

Let’s celebrate baby one more time
Cut that cake pour that wine
Smile your naughty little smile for the camera
You and me baby we are blessed
Lay your pretty head against my chest
The heart you hear beatin there is strong and true
I know you feel it baby
It belongs to you

I booked a little B&B in the mountains of Vermont
The right kind of food a quiet little spot
We’ll take a little hike through the woods by the river’s edge
We’ll go back to the room settle in for the night
I’m gonna kiss you a lot in the soft lamp light
Sing you love songs till we feel like going to bed

Repeat Chorus:

It’s your birthday baby
How does that feel