From the recording Broken Heart Tattoo

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Anything Less Than Love
Roy Hurd

Held my breath cross that Georgia line
Felt that pull from what I left behind
I heard a snap as I broke those ties that bind

Yelled goodbye to that silent dark
Those nights get cold without that spark
You’ll just be left with a frozen heart
If it’s anything less than love

Now it’s both eyes open straight for tomorrow
Into the hope land out of the sorrow
I won’t even waste my time
Till it looks and it tastes and it feels like the real thing
Ninety nine point nine percent would never be enough
I won’t give my heart to anything less than love

I couldn’t live through one more fight
Or sleep through one more touchless night
Try your best it will never be right
If it’s anything less than love

Repeat Chorus:

By the time this boy makes Tennessee
You’ll wake up without me
And read my goodbye philosophy
On anything less than love

Repeat Chorus: