1. One More G

From the recording Broken Heart Tattoo

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One More G
Roy Hurd

There’s a store in Churubusco
Every guitar player must go
There must be a hundred guitars
Hanging on the wall
Wanna buy a pistol or a shotgun
I’ll tell you man they got some
It’s a country store on steroids
Brother man they got it all

Guns guitars gas and groceries
Everything that a country boy needs
Guns guitars gas and groceries
One more G I’d never leave

I saved some money
When I knew I had plenty
I went in there ready
For a redneck shopping spree
I bought a D28 a 30-06
Plenty of bullets strings and picks
Gassed up the truck bought road food
And beer for the boys and me

Repeat Chorus:

Take a left off 87
Head West down route 11
Thirty five miles
You’re in hillbilly heaven

Repeat Chorus: