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Here I Go Again
Roy Hurd

There’s a full moon risin shinin silver cross the land
The Indians around here say she’s a woman not a man
They would know cause this has always been their land

The path I walk it hasn’t changed much through the years
I make my songs and sing em for anyone who wants to hear
Just doin the best I can between the courage and the fear

Oh I can hold my head up high
Look the world right in the eyes and say
This is who I am
Oh if there’s one thing I know all about
Its rollin solo out there on the highway in the wind
And here I go again

I’ve been thinkin lately about the choices that we make
I gave my heart away and I swore with her it would never break
I was wrong and that’s the chance we always to take

Some would say I’m runnin from the shadows of my past
What makes em think that they know more than me about all that
There’s better things to do than to sit around wonderin where I’m at

Repeat Chorus:

These mountains they have given me a strong sense of home
They’re always right here in my heart no matter where I roam
Where ever I go I never feel alone

That night wind is tellin me it’s time for me to go
Saddle up my pony turn her loose and let her roll
Let this lonesome highway calm my restless soul

Repeat Chorus X2: