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Roy Hurd

There’s mist in the meadow
moonlight on the water
Stars in the midnight sky
Night bird singin so sad and lonesome
It makes the night wind cry

I was born to these mountains
Grew up near that river
Right here on my family land
In all of my wanderin I’m always returnin
And it’s here that I make my stand

Home where my fire softly burns
And life moves just like a song
Home if there’s one thing I’ve learned
It’s where I belong
Here where my heart is home

My granddad who raised me
Came young to these mountains
On that orphan train her rode
My grandmothers people came down cross that border
French and Indian I’m told

More than thirty winters they’ve been gone now
They lie beneath that soft green hill
But on nights just like this one
They walk through my memories
They are with me still

Repeat Chorus:

I would run through that meadow
Straight into these woods
Like the wind I was free and I was wild
If I lay here quiet close my eyes and listen
I can still hear the laughter of that child

Repeat Chorus:
Here my heart is home
Here where my heart is home
Home home home