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Random Thoughts On Life And Love
Roy Hurd

I woke up smiling this morning that felt good for a change
For a long time now a big black clouds been
Floatin around in my brain

I don’t forget stuff easy especially things that hurt
For some unknown reason I’m always sweepin up
Somebody else’s dirt

Ah love aint just there for the takin
It’s a gift only your heart can give
If you aren’t you better start livin
Just go out and do the best that you can
Cause the days shoot by like a rocket
And the nights they burn up like the stars
Don’t worry bout love cause if it’s meant to
It will find you wherever you are
Wherever you are

Mary believes in angels says they’re gonna make everything alright
I say where are they when I’m lyin awake
Dredging up darkness all night

I do not believe in the devil I don’t care what they say
That’s just one more controlling story made up to make children afraid
And I believe we all go to heaven when our time here on earth is done
What kind of father would God be
To not bring home his daughters and sons

Repeat Chorus:

All you love hopeful dreamers
Out wishin on falling stars
Before you go wishin don’t be forgettin
The feel of where you are
Beause the future remains unspoken
And the past has already been said
To get back what I missed all the time when I wished
I was somewhere else instead

Repeat Chorus X2: