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On The Line For Love
Roy Hurd

I’ve been down ten thousand roads
I’ve wandered day and night
I’ve crossed every broken line
Separating wrong from right
I stumble and I fumble and I learn as I go
One question worth the askin now
From what I’ve come to know

Will you do whatever it takes
Are you tough enough
Make your stand and take your heart
Put it on the line for love

I have loved some women boys
To varying degree
Some swore they loved me true
But it never worked out for me
Last one and her former love
Put me in a pretty bad spot
When it gets down to that kind of thing
You’re either with me or you’re not

Repeat Chorus:

I pride myself a simple man
Try to live a peaceful life
I got my trade and I keep my skills
Sharp as a trackers knife
I live my life with passion
Protect all that I love
They’re the only things that’ll get you through
When push comes to shove

Repeat Chorus X2: