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You Knew They Were There
Roy Hurd

All that love just overflowed
From a great big beautiful heart of gold
A smile from her you knew your world
Would never be the same
Before you’d leave she’d always say
God loves you and he’ll keep you safe
Her goodbye hug was just like being
Held in heaven’s hands

Every now and then
Bravely God will send
One of his angels down
To remind us he’s there
Oh and I just know
She was one of those
She’d gather all the love she could hold
And just spread it everywhere
You couldn’t see her wings
But you knew they were there

Take compassion style and grace
Wrap it all up in unstoppable faith
The light of love burned in her
Like some eternal flame
But even God gets lonely now and then
And so he called her back to him
We all know that life down here
Will never be the same

Repeat Chorus:

To wrap around us
Lift us up and at the same time ground us
A shelter from the storm
There to keep us safe and warm

Repeat Chorus: