1. Clinton County

From the recording Adirondack Blue

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Clinton County
Roy Hurd

Way up in Clinton County
Where the Saranac river flows
There’s white pine on the mountain
Where the Lady Slippers grow
My rockin chair creeks rhythm
When that lazy sun goes down
Way up in Clinton County
That’s where I’ll be found

I borrowed my first breath from that cold mountain wind
When my life is done it’s where I’ll give my last one back again
Let me dream in peaceful sleep beneath that sacred ground
Way up in Clinton County lay my body down

Repeat Chorus:

I got a little mountain woman she’s wild as can be
Kisses like sweet water she saves em all for me
When that yellow moon goes climbing straight over Lake Champlain
Like a whisper on the night wind she softly calls my name

Repeat Chorus:

You can hear that river run
Singing about tomorrow and the good things to come

I’ve been border to border I cover lots of ground
I love the road but I always do I circle back around
The gentle voice of home keeps calling me back again
These mountains don’t belong to me I belong to them

Repeat Chorus: