From the recording Adirondack Blue

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Wild Mountain Flower
Roy Hurd

There’s a woman down in Clinton County
Her touch is warm as a summer shower
Kisses sweet as clover honey
She’s a rare wild mountain flower

I first saw her at a dance last summer
She moved so free as the fiddle played
Smiled at me my world stopped turnin
Stole my heart straight away

When the sun goes down on Lyon Mountain
Feel the hush in the twilight hour
In her arms I’ll stay forever
She’s a rare wild mountain flower

Her laughter sounds like rippling water
Spillin down moss covered stone
When she laughs her blue eyes sparkle
Warms my heart like comin home

Repeat Chorus:

I love my life up in these mountains
I’ll do all that’s in my power
To let her know how much I love her
She’s a rare wild mountain flower

Repeat Chorus: