From the recording Adirondack Blue

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Lullaby Your Mind
Roy Hurd

I am a mountain boy Johnny is my name
After my granddaddy like him I feel the same
I wouldn’t trade my life up here for all the big town dreams
Come on up and stay a while
I’ll show you what I mean
Show you what I mean boys
Show you what I mean

I love Mary she’s my wild mountain flower
Her sweet kisses keep me occupied for hours
I’ve been out there out in the great big world
I’ll tell you boys you aint loved till you’ve loved a mountain girl
Loved a mountain girl boys
Loved a mountain girl

Oh oh hear the wind up in them pines
Oh oh it will lullaby your mind
Lullaby your mind yes
Lullaby your mind

My granddad was Irish and they say I look like him
My grandma was mixed blood she was French Indian
I was taught to love the earth and respect her sacredness
And my French blood shows up only when I kiss
Only when I kiss girls
Only when I kiss

Some folks say I’m crazy I got a paper says I aint
Alhough my mountain ways could use a brand new coat of paint
I’m rough around the edges I get rowdy that’s for sure
But you’ll never find another man who loves these mountains more
Loves these mountains more boys
Loves these mountains more

Repeat Chorus: