1. Black Fly Song

From the recording Adirondack Blue

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Black Fly Song
Roy Hurd/Amy Kohanski

Two swarms of black flies one left one right
I hear em talking amongst them selves
Should we eat em here or bring em to the swamp
Swat run save yourselves

I sure pity my friends from the city
They planned their vacation a year ago
Been raining for a week they aint left their tent
And they got three kids woah

Just another day in the Adirondacks
Late May early June
The bugs are wicked and the rain won’t quit
And I’m going crazy as a loon

Flip the kayak diving for the food sack
Moose Pond water is freezing cold
Spirit dwindlin got no kindlin
Can’t get a fire to go

Got a good campsite next to an outhouse
Just in case I gotta go number 2
Never knew squirrels ate toilet paper
Sure stinks just sittin here what am I gonna do

Repeat Chorus:

Redford Diner couldn’t be finer
Adirondack surf n turf
Bullhead and woodchuck yum yum eat it up
Chug a lug a root beer (burp)

Repeat Chorus:

Out of the blue the sun comes out
In these mountains of my birth
Forget about that nasty stuff
There’s not a more beautiful place on earth

Repeat Chorus: