From the recording Adirondack Blue

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The Redford Picnic Song
Roy Hurd

It’s the fifteenth of August
That’s the Redford picnic day
They’d build them booths up by the church
For nickel games we’d play
We’d get free rides the night before
On that old merry go round
They’d bring Pete Maggys tractor up
And spin that thing around

Memories of a child
From a little mountain town
Life is just like a ride I guess
On that old merry go round

I’d listen though I was only ten
While Dutch Terry sang his gospel song
My grandfather’s ring that old church bell
I could tell it wouldn’t be long
Me and my friends we’d run outside
And we’d lay our money down
When it was just a dime to stand in line
For that old merry go round

Repeat Chorus:

At the spin of a wheel I’d win an apple pie
I’d hear a square dance do si do
Now the kids look just like their parents did
Twenty five years ago
I see old familiar faces
They still come from miles around
I can see my daughter smile and wave
From that old merry go round

Repeat Chorus: