From the recording Adirondack Blue

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Backwoods Hoedown
Roy Hurd

It’s a backwoods hoedown kick up your heels
The dancers go round like prayin I feel
There’s an echo off the mountain sayin our love is real
Neath the full moon on a warm summer night

Big moon above makes my head sway
Like trees in the soft evening wind
I fall more in love when a fiddle does play
As I dance in a field full of friends

Repeat Chorus:

I love the sound of the rain on the roof
I could lay here and listen for hours
Or just watch a mountain woman with the wind in her hair
Dance barefoot in new meadow flowers

Repeat Chorus:

It’s hard to remember the hot July sun
When it’s 20 below on the farm
In these mountains we dance in the summer for fun
And in the winter we dance to keep warm

Repeat Chorus: