From the recording Wayward Son

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Poster Child For Love
Roy Hurd

Guess I gotta face it it never does add up
I no longer believe that I can blame it on bad luck
In love I have loved yes and I’ve been loved back
Something always happens to rock the train right off the track

I could call you but I won’t
I’m wishin I felt different but I don’t
The realizations sure get rough
I’ll never be the man you’re dreamin of
Or no poster child for love

Had a reckless reputation back when I was young
The taste of sweet temptation was like honey on my tongue
Maybe all my sins are comin back to collect
This recurring heartbreak is keeping me in debt

Repeat Chorus:

Women are from Venus and I’m no Martian man
I’m not much on space travel so I’ll stay right where I am
I get car sick dizzy just by turning around
I’ll skip the rocket ride and keep my feet here on the ground

Repeat Chorus:

I always love the fallin but the bottom hurts like hell
I’m steppin back from lovers leap and I think it’s just as well
If this is how it’s gonna be then yes I’m giving up
Give someone else a chance to get their ass kicked by love

Repeat Chorus: