1. Rattled

From the recording Mountain Thunder

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Roy Hurd

I’m a logical man I can maintain my cool
Stay calm at any cost that’s my rule
But my self-control comes undone
It all gets crazy baby you’re the one
I’m all stutter and stumble when I get next to you


I get rattled
I can’t cope
You ruffle my feathers you rock my boat
There’s no hope for my otherwise rational heart
I get rattled
When you smile that smile
You make a mess of my confident style
You knock me right outa my saddle
I get rattled

Where ever I go I never get ahead of myself
Honey I’m stone steady when I’m around anyone else
But you walk in the room and my whole world shakes
Like I’m going down a mountain without any breaks
All it takes is just one look from you

Repeat Chorus: