1. Crazy Women

From the recording Mountain Thunder

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Crazy Women
Roy Hurd

Take a hundred women from every state
Drop all five thousand at my front gate
If I could take one for my own I’d say bring em on in
You could even point out the ones that are nicest
If I’m left to my own devices
I will always pick from the lunatic bin

Why do I do it where did it start
They take my mind and they break my heart
How do I let it happen again and again
Why do I always get with crazy women

It all starts out with sugar kisses
Before long I’m duckin dishes
And the miss is showing her maladjusted side
I can take a little scream and shout
But hey when the guns and the knives come out
I exercise my option to run and hide

Repeat Chorus:

If I could have Dorothy the wicked witch of the West
Or the good witch of the North
No ruby slippers or magic wand
I’d take the one with the broom of course

Repeat Chorus:

Crazy women
It’s not my fault
I love crazy women