From the recording Mountain Thunder

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From Belfast To The Black Hills
Roy Hurd/Blue Miller

The crimson rain is falling down
On a foggy Belfast night
The lines been drawn so damn long
You can’t tell wrong from right
And the blood stained ground
Gets handed down to every fathers son
And the mothers cry as the young men die
At the mercy of the gun

From Belfast to the Black Hills
It’s been the same since time began
There’s no room for love when anger fills
The heart of any man
There is a song that freedom sings
We’ll never hear the sound
Till the day we find a way
To lay our hatred down

The eagle flies the lonely sky
Searching for a home
Like the Indian man forced to leave the land
That he once called his own
A million tears won’t wash away
The memory of the trail
And the truth that lives behind the lies
Still make the night wind whale

Repeat Chorus:

Stop the bitter sweet revenge that’s tearing us apart
What’s done is done now it’s time to let the healing start

Repeat Chorus: