From the recording Mountain Thunder

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Home Of My Heart
Roy Hurd

Not a day goes by I don’t think about you
You stay on my mind as I lay in the dark
It’s been so long I’ve been without you
I miss you still
Home of my heart

Everywhere I go I carry you with me
Your memory burns like a bright shining star
You’re in my blood and you always will be
The fire in my soul
The home of my heart

Ten years gone I can’t believe
Oh precious time where have you gone
No matter how long we are apart
You’ll always be
The home of my heart

Full moon light lay soft on the mountain
The night wind whispers like a lovers sigh
Midnight dew shines on the meadow
Silver blue like this tear in my eye

So I make my prayer to the heavens above me
One you can feel from where you are
And if I’m blessed then one day I will be
Back in your arms
Home of my heart
Repeat Chorus: