1. My Home Town

From the recording As Real As It Gets

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My Home Town
Roy Hurd

May not look like much barely a dot on a map
It’s where I grew up and I’m proud of that
My Own private piece of America
My home town
It was the perfect place for a kid like me
Plenty of room for runnin wild and free
We sure made memories in my home town

You love it so much you think you’ll always stay
You never really know till you go away
Just how deep your roots go down
Family tree on sacred ground
It will always be a part of me
Every road that I go down
Right here in my heart
My home town

There’s that ole ball field where I mostly missed
That porch right there’s where I got my first kiss
Life had a tough tenderness
In my home town
We took our chances we had no fear
As we burned up those nights in our teenage years
The radio sang for my friends and me
On my home town

Repeat Chorus:

There’s a cold gray stone on a soft green hill
Bears my family name I miss them still
But they live forever in the memory of
My home town

You love em so much you think they’ll always stay
You never really know till they go away
Just how deep their roots go down
A family tree on sacred ground

Repeat First Chorus: