From the recording As Real As It Gets

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One Shovel Full At A Time
Roy Hurd

Yea I bought me a brand new snow shovel
Eighteen dollars and forty nine cents
From Pete Barber up in Dannamora
His wife and him come to hear me sing now and then
I moved back home to the North Country
Spent eleven years in Tennessee
I’m starin in the face of February
Spring’s sure gonna look good to me

Cause it falls from the sky and it piles on the ground
I grab my shovel and I push it all around
I’m getting through winter in the great north woods
One shovel full at a time

I fell in love with a mountain woman
She promised me that she’d keep me warm
When Tom Messner says a storm’s comin
I’ll be right there in her arm

Repeat Chorus:

When it comes to the snow I’m ready and willin
When it’s twenty below I’ll be chillin
Don’t you worry about ole Roy
I’m still an Adirondack boy

I’m reading a book called The Zen Of Winter
Spiritually speaking I am one with the snow
I’ve got good gloves for these Guitar fingers
And I sing along when the cold wind blows

Repeat Chorus X2: