From the recording As Real As It Gets

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Whisper For Help
Roy Hurd

In a bar by the border
On the shores of Lake Champlain
I was pickin my songs all night long
Tryin to make myself a name
When a luscious little lady
Sashayed up to me
With a bottle of wine and a body so fine
Like some paperback fantasy

I was feelin loose lost and lonesome
She said her name was Marie
What a rush I felt when she unbuckled my belt
And said you’re comin home with me

Don’t do that darling
Come on get a hold of yourself
I’ll give you one half hour to stop that stuff
And I’ll whisper for help
Whisper for help whisper for help
You got one half hour to stop that stuff
Or I’ll whisper for help

I begged pleaded I tried to talk
No chance of changing her mind
She was all keyed up like some too tight clock
With only one way to unwind
You talk about sweet seduction
That woman must have written the book
She said I was what she wanted
And what she wanted she always took

Repeat Chorus X2: