From the recording As Real As It Gets

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Gypsy’s Lullaby
Roy Hurd

Some of us were born to chase an ever distant star
Our pleasures in the wanderin though we treasure where we are
We bed down on gentle ground our blanket is the sky
Soft as wings the night wind brings a gypsy’s lullaby

There’s a brown eyed woman singing soft somewhere in the dark
Honesty so venerably is pouring from her heart
Don’t be afraid to hear her words though they may make you cry
A broken heart is the sweetest part of a gypsy’s lullaby


I’ll leave part of me with you my friends you’ll never be alone
I pray you know wherever you go your heart will be your home
But freedom is no easy thing the lonesome is deep and wide
Just tenderly remember me
In a gypsy’s lullaby

Once I thought I found a home in a sleepy little town
The constant of a woman’s love made me want to settle down
We had a precious baby girl love danced in her eyes
The wind and me we would sing her to sleep with a gypsy’s lullaby
Though it took years our biggest fears soon were realized
Tears fell down as I left that town to the call of the restless wind
But our baby girl’s been all around the world and that woman is still my friend

Repeat Chorus:

Looking back I’ve no regrets not for one single mile
The songs I’ve sung and the stories I’ve told I hope they’ve made you smile
It’s all about the time we share laughter and the tears we cry
Wrong or right I’ve lived my life like a gypsy’s lullaby

Repeat Chorus: