From the recording Forever Wild

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Does Love Believe In Me
Roy Hurd

I don’t care to count the hearts I’ve broken
Or the times when someone else has broken mine
Maybe loves a word too freely spoken
I was hopin it’d be different this time
Could it be that love becomes less willing
To cross the line of fire and make a stand
Love comes on strong but it hasn’t stayed that long
And it’s the leavin part that I don’t understand

But I believe in love
I’m the one out wishin on those stars above
And talkin to the moon
I believe in love
In candle light I still remember every kiss every whisper every touch
If love should call my name again you know right where I’d be
I believe in love but does love believe in me

I know love believes in happy endings
And if a heart has a door then loves the key
I can’t say enough when I think about love
But I’m not sure just what love thinks of me

Maybe I did something wrong to make love doubt my dedication
Maybe those mistakes I’ve made have somehow hurt my reputation
Ah but through it all

Repeat Chorus:

I believe in love but does love believe in me