From the recording Forever Wild

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Rocks And Roses
Roy Hurd

Janie Miller was my first love
I went head over heels it was more than just a crush
When I walked her home for the very first time
She put rocks in her pockets picked roses by the roadside
I said Janie why roses and rocks
She smiled that smile that made my whole world stop
And said there’s nothing steady or solid as stone
And something bout roses make my heart go warm

Rocks and roses
My oh my
Just a few things will not change
As the years roll by
Sometimes love
It just comes and go’s
But if love is gonna last then it’s gotta be just like
Rocks and roses

We held hands through the high school days
The years that followed were just more of the same
When things are right there’s a natural flow
And you live your life accordin to the things you know
So I thought about a house with a front porch swing
I bought my Janie a diamond ring
I popped the big question with one red rose
Makin two good reasons why she couldn’t say no

Repeat Chorus:

We got that house on the edge of town
It’s small but it’s all ours
You can guess what grows the best
Out in our front yard

Repeat Chorus:

Like rocks and roses
She loves rocks and roses