From the recording Forever Wild

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The Fool That I Am
Roy Hurd

I should be hesitatin
Let you walk away and never call your name
I could be celebratin
Instead of feelin like the looser in this game
You just say it’s over
But I have this need to understand
I guess I could be colder
But that’s not the fool that I am

The fool that I am
Needs to know why
The fool that I am
Wants to give it one more try
So I hold out my hand
I’ll do all I can
True to the end
Here I stand
The fool that I am

There’s no comprehending
How you can just give up so easily
When this love that I’m defending
Is the same love you swore you’d fight to keep
You know how much it hurts me
To hear you say we could just be friends
I don’t think I could be
It’s not enough for the fool that I am

Repeat Chorus X2: