1. Sky Rider

From the recording Sky Rider

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Sky Rider
Roy Hurd

A combat Vet with a purple heart
Wounded forty years ago
He lost a lot of blood on that field in Viet Nam
They patched him up and sent him home
They told him he would never walk again
I was with him the night he proved them wrong
He’d gone way beyond their limitations every time
I never met a man with a will so strong
What he loved most was family and friends
And his chromed out three wheeled Harley ride
I took one last roll with him there toward the end
Even then he could really fly
We’ve been friends since we were kids
For him to call me brother made me proud
His leavin has left a great big hole in my heart
But he’s a sky rider now

Sky rider
Brother of the wind
Sky rider
One day we’ll ride together again

He’s broken free of his earthly confines
That body all wounded and scared
He’ll ride now forever on that big highway
Way out there among the stars
He’ll be that flash of midnight blue
Silver pipes shootin lightning bolts
We’ll hear him go rumbling by when that mountain thunder rolls
He’ll leave a rainbow vapor trail as he goes blastin through the clouds
No speed limit no stop signs up there
He’s a sky rider now

Repeat Chorus:

He’ll smile down on us as he rolls by
He’ll watch over us no doubt
Heaven has one more wild angel
He’s a sky rider now

Repeat Chorus X2: