From the recording Sky Rider

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Lookin For America
Roy Hurd

I took a left out of my driveway
Hit that long and lonesome highway
Figured I’d make my way across this land
Slow ride no hurry I’ll be back baby don’t you worry
First song I ever sang was travelin man
Freedom never comes without a cost
I pay my dues but I’m not lost

I’m just out here lookin for America
She’s getting harder and harder to find
But in the hearts of common people everywhere
he;s alive and doin fine
Hey I’m just out here lookin for America

Oh I love that rollin motion mountain valley river ocean
I gotta go when I get the notion’I can’t stay still
Colorado West Virginia lord that road will sure get in ya
Rode my pony through those Oklahoma hills
I saddle up and I let her run California here we come

Repeat Chorus:

Now Charlie he’s a Harley man
Live to ride that’s his plan
He took a hit in Viet Nam but he’s doin alright
Instead of two wheels he rides three
His legs aint what they use to be
But he fought that war for you and me
Believing it was right
Standing at that long black wall
Silently it says it all

Repeat Chorus:

Some say things are getting worse the attitude is me first
I know this world could die of thirst without love
But I’ve been in towns from state to state
We can turn it around it aint to late
This country is still a great place to live
I’ve talked with young people all across this land
I’m tellin you the future is in good hands