1. Slim's Guitar

From the recording Sky Rider

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Slim’s Guitar
Roy Hurd

Slims guitar is a D18 Martin
He had his name painted on its face
And he would hold that thing
Like it was some sweet woman
He’d sing his heart out all over the place

Ah countless nights I’d listen to him singin
We were all out drinkin down at Woody’s bar
Johnny Keese he’d be playin that old white Fender
And Slim he’d be singin just like some country star

Every now and then
God needs to hear some music
So he calls home his players to sing at heaven’s gate
I know Slims up there playin a golden Martin
Singin his heart out all over the place

You could feel his soul pure and simple
In those single note melodies he’d play on that guitar
Ah he’d sing like Hank Williams
Like he was one of Hanks children
With one sad lonesome note he could break your heart

Repeat Chorus:

I’m down here thinkin bout friends gone bout friends gone before me
I don’t need to question I know right where they are
I know Charlie and Johnny Peco Ann and Woody Fran Ahearn and Timmy
They’re up there listeniin to Slims guitar

Repeat Chorus: