From the recording The Voice Of These Mountains

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Bear Turtle And Wolf (May It All Come To Be)
Roy Hurd

May it all come to be
That the earth and all her people are
strong and free
May it all come to be
That the earth and all her people are
strong and free

Bear clan man your humble words of truth cut like a knife
The wisdom of your grandmother you carry with you beyond her life
Bear clan man with gentle hands you bring water from the sacred stream
And freely to all people you give and live the dream

Repeat Chorus:

Turtle clan man with a steady hand your brush is like a warriors lance
You hurl it straight through the heart of hate with the power of an eagles glance
Turtle clan man you paint this land red black yellow and white
May the tears we’ve cried and your paint be dried by the warmth of an ancient light

Repeat Chorus:

Wolf clan man peacemakers plan you plant the white pine tree
There it stands in beauty for all the world to see
Wolf clan man the rivers ran pure like a child’s tear
When you speak the Mohawk language Gon Ya Da Lay Wa Da Hoom Sa Dat
Even the rivers hush to hear

Repeat Chorus X2

Bear Turtle And Wolf (May It All Come To Be):

This is a prayer song.

In the traditional Mohawk, earth minded spirituality, when a person says, “the earth and all her people,” they don’t just mean human people. They are talking also about the plant people, the animal people, the bird people, the trees, the water, the fish, the wind, the sun, moon and stars, all creation. Their earth minded spirituality is based on being thankful. Tom Porter told me once, that the only instruction the Creator gave his people, at the time of their creation, was to be thankful. Tommy said when we are thankful, our minds and hearts are focused on the gifts in our lives, and if we are thankful we will have a good life.

The Bear verse is for my friend, Bear Clan author and Mohawk spiritual leader, Tom Porter. I call Tommy the Dali Lama of Native American people. I have never, in my life time, met anyone who lives the dream of peace more than Tom Porter.

The Turtle verse is for my friend, Turtle Clan artist and educator, John Fadden. When you look at John’s paintings and drawings you look directly in to the heart of Mohawk culture. His powerful works are displayed in countless books and illustrations all over the world.

The Wolf verse is for my friend, the late Wolf Clan educator, Jake Swamp. Jake traveled nationally and internationally planting white pine trees, (The tree of peace), and sharing his traditional cultural message wherever he traveled.

Each of these great men dedicated, and continue to dedicate their lives to breaking down the stereotypes and untruths that so often surround Native people. They are an inspiration and the shining stars of their people.