From the recording The Voice Of These Mountains

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Frozen Teardrops
Roy Hurd 3/9/2020

He left her in late December
Alone out in that cold front porch light
He even told her he never loved her
That kind of cruel just don’t seem right

Frozen tear drops still on her cheeks
Stopped right in their tracks before they fell
Frozen tear drops silver blue streaks
A wasted wish in a frozen wishing well

She’s been praying for an early spring
To feel that warm and gentle South wind blow
In that warming her tears will be thawing
They’ll melt away with the disappearing snow

Repeat Chorus X2

It was a wasted wish in a frozen wishing well

Frozen Teardrops:

A friend of mine, who had gone through a sad relationship break up, suggested that I write a song called, Frozen Tears. I thought about the title for a while and she again suggested that I write the song, as she would again and again whenever our paths would cross. This song came from her heartfelt urgings. I am glad that I did finally write the song, and I am also happy that she thought it was beautiful.