From the recording The Voice Of These Mountains

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The Only One Kissin’
Roy Hurd

You move in slow
Tenderly touching
You feel her flinch
You’re thinking it’s nothing
But when your lips meet
That old spark is missin
You feel a brand new kind of alone
You’re the only one kissin

Use to be just one kiss
Was all it took to get it started
Not even once did it feel empty
Your mouth on her mouth
Made her warm lips glisten
Now they’re empty and cold
You’re the only one kissin

You don’t ask
You know the reason
There are two different roads
Leading to the things you’re each needin
And those roads never cross
No matter how hard you’re wishin
You might as well let it all go
You’re the only one kissin

Repeat Chorus:

Scientist say a chemical reaction
Happens when we’re kissin
It’s not the same sweet release
When the heart part is missin

Repeat Chorus:

The Only One Kissin’:

I think the lips are directly connected to the heart. A kiss is a wonderful tell on whether the one you’re kissin’ has their heart in it.