1. Highway Roller

From the recording The Voice Of These Mountains

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Highway Roller
Roy Hurd

I was born rollin
My Mama was on the run
From a broken hearted feelin
She had a restless hearted son
I don’t stay in one place too long
I start to get the blues
By the time they know I’ve been there
I am yesterday’s news

I’m a highway roller
I love to have my fun
I will be a highway roller
Till my rollin days are done

I rode with the sunrise
Through the hills of Tennessee
Watched it set in Texas
Still not knowing where I should be
On up to the Grand Canyon
Walked down in there just to pray
And I left with a brown eyed woman
To make love in Santa Fe

Repeat Chorus:

I’m like that ole high tide honey
I roll in then I’m gone
I have seen the backside
Of many a cold grey dawn
No I’m not complainin
My whole life is like a wheel
It’ll keep right on turnin
Cause I do love the feel

Repeat Chorus:

Highway Roller:

This is a thirty + year old song of mine. I have had a wonderfull, lifetime relationship with perpetual motion. Even in the early years of developing my craft as a songwriter I found traveling to be a great inspiration. I found that even if folks are talking about the same things it has a different language and presentation that is colored by the landscape and spirit of the place they call home. And aah yes, Santa Fe……