From the recording The Voice Of These Mountains

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When Love Burst In To Flame
Roy Hurd

I remember awkward moments
Tryin hard not to fall in love
We became best of friends
But in time that was not enough
Warm tender touches
So innocently shy
We could feel the heat begin to rise

Love is friendship caught on fire
I read that somewhere
A single spark from one sweet kiss
The flames were everywhere
All the ocean’s water
And every drop of rain
Couldn’t drown the blaze of passion
When our love burst into Flame

Now we walk towards the future
From the ashes of the past
This torch that we carry
Is the proof this love will last
We will go on forever
Knowing we both feel the same
Cause hearts melt together
When love bursts into flame

I can feel my love for you
With every breath I take
You’re my last thought before I sleep
And the first one when I wake
It’s a fanning of the fire
When you whisper my name
Exploding desire
When love bursts into flame

Repeat Chorus:

When Love Burst Into Flame:

I found an old guitar vocal of this song that I wrote and recorded during my time in Nashville. I am happy to have resurrected it.
In finding the recording of this song, I was so happy to hear the sound of my old 1970 D18 Martin that I played on the recording. That guitar was a gift from my daughters Mom, Bonnie. That is still, to this day, one of the most precious gifts I have ever been given. I wrote hundreds of songs on that old guitar.

Since losing everything in a house fire back in 2010, I have not used many, if any, fire images in my songs. Sadly that wonderful old Martin guitar was lost in that fire also……