From the recording The Voice Of These Mountains

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The Voice Of These Mountains
Roy Hurd

Close your eyes and listen
There’s no need to fear
Quiet your mind open your heart
Tell me what you hear
Yes that’s the river singing
And the rustling of leaves
That whisperin is a gentle wind
Moving through the trees
That soft low beat you’re hearing
Is not somewhere in the dark
It’s the love that’s all around you
It’s the beating of your heart

The voice of these mountains
Singing just for you
Part of your life story
Constant strong and true
Always there to guide you
Whenever you feel alone
The voice of these mountains
The soft sweet song of home

Time can keep you runnin
Till you just can’t catch your breath
It can steal all that is sacred
Until there’s nothing left
Let happiness guide your choices
It can lighten every chore
Let quiet times and a peaceful mind
Hush the defining roar

Repeat Chorus:

The voice of these mountains
Is the soft sweet song of home

The Voice Of These Mountains:

Two things inspired my writing this song.

I performed at the famous Caffe Lena in Saratoga Springs NY on November 9th 2019. The poster they had made up for my show said, Roy Hurd The Voice Of The Adirondacks.
Wow! What an honor.

I thought about all the natural world voices of the Adirondacks, the birds, the wind in the trees, the rain, the water….. Then I thought of my favorite human voices of the Adirondacks. Friends who like me, write and sing songs of their love for these mountains. So I invited a few of them to sing on this song with me.


I had this vision of my grandsons and I sitting in the dark, here on our family land, doing a listening ceremony. Being quiet with our bodies, hearts and minds, and really listening to the sounds of the natural world.

Listening is one of the best ways to develop a strong connection, and a deep meaningful relationship with any beautiful thing, be that human, element, animal or bird.

Listening is spiritual.

A big thanks to all my friends who sang, played and added their wonderful talent to this project.

All songs written by Roy Hurd.
Track 5 Written By Roy Hurd & Jonathan Cross.
Copy Rights 2020 All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.

Produced, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Roy Hurd at HurdSongs Studio Redford NY

Roy Hurd: Vocals, Acoustic Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Banjo
Jim Schacher: Lead Acoustic Guitar
Tim Hartnett: Bass Guitar on Track 4
John Kirk: Fiddle
Skip Smithson: Mandolin on Tim’s Song
Bob Newton: Snare and Conga on Tim’s Song
Mark Elliott: Harmony Vocals on All Tracks Except Track 3
Jonathan Cross: Vocal on Track 5
Celia Evans: Harmony Vocal on Track 3 & 10
Dan Berggren Harmony Vocal on Track 10
Peggy Lynn: Harmony on Track 10
Mountains Photo by Rob Marrone
Roy Photo by Dave Brown

A special shout out to my Nashville brother Mark Elliott. Marks continued support of me and my music goes above and beyond. It was Mark who mentored me in honing my recording skills, and whose guidance was instrumental in getting my little studio up and running. Marks has produced, co-produced, sang harmony, and helped fine tune my mixes on many of my projects. Not to mention his role as my tech support guy. Since meeting him in the early part of my years in Nashville, Mark has been an inspiration to every aspect of my musical life, and a kindred spirit in our shared love and respect for the Natural World. Thanks for it all Mark.