1. New Memories
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New Memories
Roy Hurd

There’s a house at the edge of town
Weather worn and broken down
From the porch you can hear the sound
Of the ghost of memories past
Whispers of those better days
When love was made in a million ways
Why it stopped they never say
You just know it didn’t last

Makin new memories
That’s what loves about
Taking care of you and me
Baby that’s what loves about

Every day depends on us
With every brand new bridge we cross
Our tomorrows could get lost
Oh what a price to pay
If our love is gonna last
Memories can’t be a thing of the past
And time won’t slip away so fast
If we make new ones every day

Repeaat Chorus:

Not the trouble
Not the sorrow
Not the things that don’t work out
Makin new memories
Baby that’s what loves about

Makin new memories
Baby that’s what loves about