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The Woman On The seventh Stair
Roy Hurd / Tim Hartnett

There’s a thirteen step stairway
In the house where I was raised
The home of my mother’s parents
A refuge a healing place
But some childhood memories
Are best left where they get made
Sometimes uninvited they return
Like lessons we wish we could just unlearn

The woman on the seventh stair
Passes her time
Burying her heartbreak
With cigarettes and wine
Suspended frail and fragile
Between her world and mine
I wonder was she ever really there
The woman on the seventh stair

She followed her heart
She believed every lie
Her faith it just got washed away
With every teat she cried
Till only uncertainty
Was left there in her eyes
She never ventured too far from her room you know
The seventh stair was as far as she dared to go

Repeat Chorus:

My own life challenges
Have helped me understand
How the deepest wounds from life and love
Can kill the best laid plans
Today I could be there for her
Being the man I am
But I was just a child I could not repair
My mother the woman on the seventh stair

Repeat Chorus: