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Wind Spirit Farm
Roy Hurd 6/16/2017

Everything is calm now
Down on Wind Spirit Farm
The woman who lives here
Is lying soft in my arms
That restless wind
Now a soft gentle breeze
Slowly sways those tall pine trees

There’s nowhere we’d rather be
And there’s no one we’d rather see
As we open our eyes and listen to the morning birds sing
When we look back we see how far we’ve come
Our two hearts beat like one sacred drum
We are humbled and thankful
To be living a life so charmed
Down on Wind Spirit Farm

Home is where the heart is
Mine’s on Whippoorwill Way
When she comes down to see me
Ahh those are magic days
She brings me warm kisses
I take her in my arms
Where Whippoorwill Way meets Wind Sprit Farm

Repeat Chorus

And Whippoorwill Way
She’s Wind Spirit Farm
I’m Whippoorwill Way